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Sole Pilates of NY




Classes & Personal Training
Both avail. In Person & Online 


We All Know

…that getting healthy and staying healthy is about maintaining good habits. Once you get into the habit of eating right and going to the gym, it’s easy to make that a part of your life. 

We Also Know

…that proper stretching, as well as focused and engaged education on how to use your body can help prevent injury. Pilates specializes in both of these areas, which makes it among the best methods for helping to prevent workout-related injuries.

What takes place during a typical Sole Pilates Session?

A typical session at with us starts with warm up stretches and motivational coaching, to help you set the tone &  goals for the session that day. The pilates workout  is a combination classical pilates reformer movements along with modern  twist.  Technique & protocol is always on top of the list. We assure that everyone is performing all pilates exercises properly and maximizing overall results. 


Every class is a full body workout. 

Core strengthening. Increasing  flexibly while strengthening, lengthening, leaning &  defining your muscles. 

Your body body will be burning fat & calories threw out the class and long after class is over. 

Instead of having rest time in between exercises we switch to a complete different muscle, 

 this way you can continue to train other muscles while others rest.   

All pilates reformer exercises are initiated from the core with breathing techniques.

Applying muscle isolation & isometric controlled movements. 

Finishing class with a few minutes of deep stretching, breathing and mental & body relaxation.

About Our Trainers

Carolina Velasquez, Owner and Founder of Sole Pilates NY

Carolina Velasquez

-- Owner & Founder of Sole Pilates --

Carolina brings her natural Latin flair to everything she does, and what she does best is Pilates! Just ask any of her clients, many of whom have been with her for nearly a decade, and they will tell you that no two workouts with Carolina are the same…EVER. From her lively classes to her private sessions, Carolina packs her routines with vitality, creativity, and a fun that cannot be matched ANYWHERE! She loves to teach, where she can charge all those present with her creative energy.

Carolina is shining beauty both inside and out, Carolina devotes herself to her client's needs, as well as their wants. She can push her clients beyond what they think they can do, while simultaneously tailoring her routines to prevent or exacerbate injuries.

What she brings to the table must be experienced to be believed!  


Check out what everyone else is saying about Carolina in all her 5 Stars Google Reviews, FB, Mindbody and all over the web for over a decade. 

Call or email Sole Pilates today to schedule a private session, or to reserve a spot in one of her amazing classes!


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